Monday, 4 June 2012

Book Launch

I'd been anticipating this "event" for months, and now it's suddenly over. Triskele Books and Spirit of Lost Angels have embarked on the stormy seas of self-publication.
It all feels a bit like... what now? Of course, the answer to that is easy: get the hell on with writing the next book!
Just back from four days in rainy, noisy, crowded, Jubilee-crazy London, where the launch was held. It was wonderful to finally meet (for real) all the girls from my online writing group: Writing Asylum. They were all as lovely as I'd imagined.
If I'd ever had doubts about this self-publishing business, I'm sure now, whether the book swims or sinks, that I made the right decision.
To be involved in such close team-work, with all the mutual support and encouragement, is fantastic. To start with nothing but the simple notion of publishing quality books, and now, to see the months of sweat, frustration and angst finally come to fruition is very satisfying.
Thanks to all for their support and "Vive Triskele Books"!

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