Sunday, 5 August 2012

Thanks to Cathy Macleod of Australia for this lovely review of Spirit of Lost Angels, and for featuring it as book of the week

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Terror, love and gripping history

NOTE this title: Spirit of Lost Angels. I liked the story and also the history. It's rare to find this combination of good writing and brilliant research. This novel is narrated by the heroine in revolutionary France of the 1770s. Born to a peasant family, she grows from girlhood to become a desirable woman. But she's bent on revenge!

The passion held my attention. There's love and violence and eerie surprises, all with insight into those troubled times.

Author Liza Perrat is an Australian author living in France, which is where she unearthed her superb historical detail and sense of place. The tale begins in a quiet village that is fatally assailed by lightning and progresses to the turmoil and intrigues of Paris. The dialogue and descriptions bring everything alive. Liza has her own author page at Amazon. The novel is available in Kindle or paperback. Its appeal should find well satisfied readers, either male or female.
Happy reading from Cathy! week ending 10 August, 2012.

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