Monday, 29 April 2013


Firstly, I am so excited Spirit of Lost Angels will be featured as the Author group read for June, and I’m really looking forward to discussing the book with you. 

For members of the Goodreads Historical Fictionistas group, I am hosting a giveaway before the group read begins. 

The giveaway will start on May 1st and end on May 10th, to give the paperback copy time to arrive from France. 

One paperback copy will be available for international readers and two e-copies in whatever format is desired.

Please send me a message on Goodreads to enter and I will make up an anonymous draw.

An excerpt of the book can be found here.

If you would like to listen to a Podcast of Spirit of Lost Angels.

Reviews of Spirit of Lost Angels.

Many thanks to all those members who choose to participate.


Miss Piggy said...

Thank you for sharing the excerpt. Very intriguing. I want to read this.

Liza Perrat said...

Thanks for your comment, Miss Piggy. Would you like me to enter you into the draw for a free copy?

Miss Piggy said...

You did. I am Steph Sellers from H.F. on Goodreads. Thank you, Liza.

Liza Perrat said...

No worries, Steph!