Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Good, the Strange and the Inexplicable #Lyon's #ModernArt Biennial Exhibition

13th Biennale de Lyon

La Vie Moderne (Modern Life)

Place: La Sucrière, 47/49 Quai Rambaud – La Confluence – Lyon 2e

Interesting and informative guided tour, but only an hour, so just time to skim the surface:

1. (1st level): Mohamed Bourouissa: "The Hood". Photos on car hoods, during his time in Philadelphia.

(1st level): Mike Nelson: "A7, Route de Soleil". Anything but sunny. Burnt out, torn and smashed-up tyres. A bit depressing.

3. (2nd level): Magdi Mostafa: "The Surface of Spectral Scattering" : Cairo represented in lights.

4. (2nd level): Michel Blazy: "Pull Over Time": displayed on x 2 balconies  and "Running Al Fresco"

5. (Ground floor): Andreas Lolis: "Permanent Residence". 50 Marble elements put together to resemble a garden shed. Cardboard and polystyrene aspect.

6. (Ground floor): Anna Ostoya: "Yellow, Red, Blue"

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