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Monday, 14 May 2012

Thanks for joining me for this very first post; the first of many I hope, as I set out on my first novel-publishing adventure...
Well, if somebody had told me, a few short months ago, I'd be holding the printed copy of my d├ębut novel, Spirit of Lost Angels, in my hand, I'd have laughed in their face.
The book was completed over a year ago, and when my agent, Judith Murdoch, had not sold it, I tried to forget about that file, lying dormant on my hard disk, and threw myself into writing the following story in the series. But when two fellow writers asked me to join them in setting up a collective: Triskele Books, I hesitated for about twenty seconds. Due to the number of poorly written, shoddily-edited and printed self-published books I'd seen, I had always been against it. But Triskele changed all that! Together, we have edited, supported and encouraged each other during the laborious, frustrating process of publishing a professional, quality book. Now, as I hold the first copy of my REAL book, it is with confidence, pride and excitement, that I dive into the tide of indie publishing.