Saturday, 4 April 2020

Spring Hello

Well, all our lives have certainly changed since I penned my last post, and I’m not sure what to write here, since so much is being said, by so many. But so many more people are not just talking about the virus. No, the real heroes today are those providing essential services: the paramedics, the hospital staff, those transporting food and working in supermarkets, the garbage collectors. Not to mention those in the scientific field who are literally working against the clock to find solutions. So many people are going above and beyond, and for this we are grateful, and owe them far more than I can express.

I want to ask how you’re coping, if you’re having ups and downs like me, but I guess most of us are just hanging in there, trying to do the right thing. And waiting, and hoping. What I’ve found inspiring is that way so many people are reaching out to each other to stay in touch, via the internet. The realization that we truly do need that social contact in our lives.

Lockdown buddies

I hope that you and your loved ones are keeping well, and if not, that you are managing to fight this virus, and make a full recovery. I hope that if you have lost your job, it will be waiting for you once the virus is gone. And I hope that if you have some spare time, you’re finding some good books to read!

One piece of lovely news amidst all this bad, is that Wolfsangel, the second book in my French historical trilogy –– The Bone Angel series –– has made it to the shortlist of the 2019 Exeter Novel Prize Competition.

Willow, writing assistant extraordinaire

During this time of confinement, I feel very lucky to live in a rural area. Here are few pics from our evening one hour walks around the village:

French Alps