Sunday, 29 March 2015


Quick Reader's Quizz

Qu. 1

What does ‘Green Fairy’ mean to you?

A: Fauna in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty

B: Washing-up liquid

C: Absinthe

Image courtesy Creative Commons: The Green Fairy by Surian Soosay

Qu. 2

What does “black and white” make you think of?

A: Ebony and Ivory

B: 101 Dalmatians

C: The Specials

Image courtesy Creative Commons: The Specials by Chris Worden

Qu 3

The island across the Menai Strait in North Wales is called:

A: Tenby

B: Hornby

C: Anglesey

Image courtesy Creative Commons: Bioluminescence by Kris Williams

Qu 4
If society broke down and Wales went feral, what would you want in your pocket?

A: A gun

B: A rat

C: A ferret

Image courtesy Creative Commons: Roman inside a hat by schadenfreude

Qu 5

A woman’s place is:

A: In the kitchen, with a spatula

B: In the bedroom, with suspenders

C: In battle, with a sword

Image courtesy Creative Commons: Siria Palmira by Jose Javier Martin Espartosa

Qu 6

All’s fair in love and war. But when both collide, where does loyalty lie?

A: With your country, family and pride

B: With your lover and your heart

C: With yourself

Image courtesy Creative Commons: Suite Fran├žaise by Eric Huybrechts

Qu 7

You uncover white-collar malpractice. Do you:

A: Turn a blind eye

B: Blow the whistle

C: Pull the trigger

Image courtesy Creative Commons: caution: itchy trigger finger by Flood G.

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Friday, 13 March 2015

Praise for the Paperback

What do you prefer reading: e-books or paperbacks?
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