Reader Bookclubs

Some of the most rewarding, not to mention great fun, book-related events for me have been visiting bookclubs, both physical and, more recently, virtual (via Skype).

The experiences have been interesting, fascinating and humbling, with readers’ questions, interpretations and insights into my stories: interested to learn their differing opinions of my novels, humbled by their praise and encouragement and fascinated by their depth of perception of story-line, characters and their motivations.

I always come away feeling I’ve learned more about my novel and its characters; things I'm sometimes not even aware existed!

Readers’ suggestions about sequels, characters they want to know more about, and settings they’d like to return to, have spurred me on to write more stories.

Needless to say, I welcome any opportunity to engage more with book clubs. If your book club is interested in a Skype meeting, just send me an email ( or FB message (Liza Perrat) and I will arrange for a group discount of whichever of my books you choose to read.

Cheers, happy bookclubbing and I hope to "meet" you soon!

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