Friday, 27 July 2012

Friends Family and Other Strangers From Downunder

Fancy relaxing in the shade this weekend with the cocktail of your choice and an entertaining mixture of Australian short stories? My e-book collection is free from all amazon sites for the next 5 days. I'd love some feedback too, please!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Fellow Aussie and historical fiction author, John Ivor from Booktaste

Following John Ivor’s historical novel, No Kiss For A Killer, his second title in the Dreams Quartet – Run Maggie Run – is an adults-only paperback.

Sentenced to hang, 9-year old factory waif, Maggie flees 1830s Scotland and endures a violent odyssey to womanhood. On the run, her adventures take her to the far end of the world. She outsmarts Arab pirates, endures kidnapping, survives sex predators and is sold as a slave. Thrills, humour and compassion blend to give this novel its original label as ‘best serial since Dickens’.

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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Why I Love Living in a Rural French Village

Perhaps because I grew up in Australia, a country with a past so young, I have always been awed by history. Twenty years ago, I moved to a rural French village and found myself steeped in antiquity, age-old culture and monuments. Writing about all this became, unconsciously at first, the next logical step.
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Interview with Karen Maitland

In this month's Triskele bookclub discussion, I have reviewed Company of Liars and had a lovely interview with the charming Karen Maitland.

Fifteen Shades For Grey

One of my short stories - Crocodile Tears - appears in this worthy collection put together to try and raise money for rescued animals.