Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Oz holiday

Where did the past seven weeks go? As my holiday in Australia comes to a close, and I try to accept returning to wintery, grey France, I thought I'd pen a few random thoughts and pics on my adored homeland.

Morning walks on Corrimal beach with the crowd:

The scruffy man throwing a ball for his scruffy dog, a green parrot perched on a red and white checked tea towel draped over his shoulders. The fisherman standing for hours on the shoreline and never catching a thing, his wife reading her Kindle under the parasol.

The army of dog-walkers on the dog-friendly part of the beach, the smiley mutts speeding along the sand after balls, breakers dumping them onto the shore.

Mums jogging behind 4x4 wheel strollers.

Sand Happy Xmas Christmas card:

Pelicans perched on the lampost by Towradgi pool crapping on my book, my thongs and my towel!

Blue bottle stingers bobbing ominously on waves:

BBQ antics with long-time friends the lovely Vanderspuys:

Afternoon with Mathilde Perrat and Anton Vanderspuy at Kiama blowhole:

Catching up with family. Lunch with Mum and Dad:

Matching beach accessories:

Pink parrots pecking:

Interview and photo session on the rocks at the lighthouse, in skimpy dress and ungainly high heels for the Illawarra Mercury who are kindly doing a piece on Spirit of Lost Angels on Feb 10th.:

New Year's Eve with Jean-Yves, Camille, Marcel and Tonia, down at North Beach, watching fireworks over Belmore Basin:

And more... so much more. If only it would never end, but my cat, and my third novel, beckon from across the wings of Cathay Pacific.


Anonymous said...

Par tes photos et commentaires, tu arrives à nous faire vivre ton amour pour la vie dans ce magnifique pays et ton déchirement à l'idée de devoir le quitter bientôt.
Mais on t'aime et on a aussi besoin de toi en France... avec ta très "chiante" mais adorable authenticité!!!
Vite,vite: que ton talent soit enfin reconnu pour que l'on puisse se régaler à te lire en français et pour que tu puisses alterner les séjours "ici et là-bas";
A bientôt...à St-genis?
Isabelle D.

Anonymous said...

Marvellous to see the photos and enjoy your words.

I'd like to share a story about bluebottles...

My nephew was 8 and held a dim view of adults. He, his father (my brother), and I were walking along South Beach on a rough, windy afternoon. He commented on how there were no jellyfish.

I sniffed the air (a wee bit theatrical, I know!) then said: "After rain, with the wind blowing from the south-east, and on an incoming tide. Give it 15 minutes." He thought I was stupid, and we continued our walk down to the effluent drain. Turned. 15 minutes was up.

Back up along the beach we came, with the water's edge littered with bluebottles, and more bobbing in the frothy lips of the waves. His eyes were dishes of admiration and amazement. I showed him how to pick them up without getting stung, talked about how we taste like fish (and dogs are never stung).

We've been friends ever since.
xo Jenny H

Liza Perrat said...

Merci, Isabelle! Oui, à très bientôt à St. Genis!

Liza Perrat said...

Thanks for sharing that lovely story, Jenny. It was great to catch up and let's do it again next time!